Infinium Scan

Indoor Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Logistics

Fully autonomous UAS for inventory scanning
and physical stock-taking

Fully Autonomous

Programmed to move without human intervention

Time Saving

Maximizes productivity. Can be deployed outside of the regular working hours.


Adapts to warehouse’s unique layout and requirements.

Safe, reliable and efficient

Developed and tested with safety and robustness in mind.

Highly Customizable

Caters to your specific needs with our range of modifiable UAVs.

Collision Prevention

Senses and avoids obstacles. Sensors and algorithms empowers each robot to navigate in cluttered environments.


Reduce understaffing issues - no worker’s strike, and no increment of salary needed, ever. Pull the plug on labour shortage once and for all with our trusty, round the clock warehouse drones that require no additional manpower for 24/7 inventory operations.

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Infinium Scan can be used in warehouses and warehouse-environments alike. It can safely operate in GPS - denied environments, access areas which are difficult to reach and communicates with inventory software. Our sales team will be happy to help if you have questions about the performance or technical specifications.

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