Looking to enhance productivity
in your restaurant outlets?
Are you facing shortage of
manpower at peak times?

Infinium Serve

Indoor UAS Solutions for Food & Beverage

The only fully autonomous and smart server-drone
specifically designed for restaurants and Food & Beverage outlets.


Fully Autonomous

No extra manpower is needed for manual manuevering, as the server-drone flies itself!

Designed and Built for Maximum Safety

Engineered with advanced multi-rotor system, its beautiful, streamlined body is carefully crafted to fly around people and indoor objects safely.

Platform Independent Interfaces

Option to be remote-controlled by applications compatible on various tablets, phones and computers via an extremely user-friendly interface.

Auto Weight Balancing

Ability to recognize uneven distribution of weight on its body and rebalance itself to maintain stable during flight.

Collision Prevention

Senses and avoids obstacles. Sensors and algorithms empowers each drone in detecting obstacles in the environment and prevent collision.

Out of the Box Solution

No customisation needed at your outlet, automated charging function and simple 3 - command system.

Productivity Accelerated

Complement your workforce and scale up your business. The Infinium Serve delivers food directly to the customer’s table, freeing up manpower for more meaningful tasks. With less time expended on carrying food in and out of the kitchen, your staff can dedicate more time to providing service with a personal touch.


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Infinium Serve is suitable for all indoor environments, ranging from restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, entertainment areas, amusement parks, big event halls and covered stadiums. If you are unsure whether your venue is suitable, our experts will be happy to assist.

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