Affordable Pay-per-use third party liability insurance

Protect yourself from causing accidental damage
while flying your drone.

Skies can be unpredictable and even an experienced
pilot can meet unexpected situations. Regardless, whether
you fly your drone for fun or for commercial purpose.

Infinium Robotics has a solution for you. Skysure offers a
protection for the duration of your flight, even when flying
beyond the line of sight. Perfect for both beginners and
experienced operators.

Say goodbye to expensive annual premiums. With our large
pool of users, we are able to negotiate low insurance
premiums for everyone. The larger the group of users, the
lower the premium.


Ease of Signing Up

No need to sign complicated forms each time you fly. Just download our software, register once and you are good to go.

Claims Made Easier

Our software will assist you to submit the incident report (including flight logs, additional information etc) whenever any accident happens.

Affordable and Cheap

Say goodbye to expensive annual premiums. With our expected large pool of users, we are able to negotiate low insurance premiums for everyone. The larger the group of users, the more we are able to pool the risk from everyone to bring the costs down.

Airspace Information

No fly zones promulgated by aviation authorities and safety information of your environment will be made available on our software to help you fly your drone safely.

Free Software

Software with airspace information does not cost a cent. You only pay insurance premium if you wish to get protected.

Avoid Conflict

Flying in a crowded area and afraid of collision? Our software will recommend a safe path for you if a possibility of collision occurs.

Aviation authorities around the world (beginning with FAA in Dec 2015) are beginning to require drone users to register their drone with the authorities. If you have not bought any insurance, do get one to cover yourself against your potential third-party liabilities!

For Commercial Users

Whether you provide surveillance, logistics or photography services, our range of tailored-to-fit protection schemes is able to insure your UAS operations against third-party liabilities. Contact us below for an obligation-free consultation.

For Private Users (non-commercial)

In order to negotiate the lowest premiums, we are now accepting advance orders from private users. Please sign up below to indicate your interest and we will have a team to follow up with you on the application process.

For Insurance Providers

Infinium Robotics’ software platform will help to mitigate risks. If you wish to learn more about what our software can do to expand your insurance reach, please contact us below.


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