Real-time optimization methods are essential in organizing the flight paths of commercial UAVs in the currently restricted airspace.

Air Traffic

Collision-Free Solution for Commercial
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Advantages Overview

Conflict Resolution

The only system ensuring safe, collision and congestion-free flight trajectories.


In-house proprietary algorithm can handle thousands of air vehicles within the same network.

Platform and Vehicle Agnostic

Fully compatible with a wide range of platforms, ensuring ease of use and operation.

Real-time data enabled

Provides real-time traffic, weather, congestion and no-go-zone information to vehicle users.

Enabling a sufficiently autonomous and safe environment is one of the main pending challenges when operating UAVs.

Such concern has prevented regulatory authorities from fully enabling deployment of UAVs and integration of vehicles in the airspace

With restricted airspace being imposed in the future , buffer zone approaches will create dead-lock situations where large number of UAVs will be jammed in the confluence zone.

Therefore real-time optimization methods are needed to organize the UAVs to fly in a manner that will optimize their trajectories in the limited airspace.

At Infinium Robotics, we use our swarming coordination expertise to provide a method that optimizes the use of an operating space shared by multiple agents via optimizing planning process, conflict detection and conflict resolution.


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Infinium Scan can be used in warehouses and warehouse-environments alike. It can safely operate in GPS - denied environments, access areas which are difficult to reach and communicates with inventory software. Our sales team will be happy to help if you have questions about the performance or technical specifications.

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