Infinium Scan ROI Calculator

By just taking 2 minutes to answer the following questions, you will be able to understand how much cost savings you can bring in for your company through our automated stock-taking robotics drone service. The ROI calculations will be emailed to you once you press the “Submit” button. Start the cost savings for your warehouse today!

    How many racked pallet locations are there in your facility?*

    How many employees perform cycle counting each time?*

    How often do you do full cycle count coverage of all pallet locations per year (X times per year)?*

    Total work hours per week for each cycle counting (inventory control) staff (in Hrs)? *

    What percentage of those employees' time is dedicated to cycle counting (in XX%)? *

    Choose your currency *

    Yearly salary of each cycle-counting staff? *

    Estimated value of inventory losses/write-offs per month : Due to obsolescence, double counting, lost in facility, shrinkage, human error, etc. *

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