Monitoring of Water/Gas
Pipelines and Sewage System

Any utilities company, or government agency responsible
for a network of pipelines and/or sewage systems would be
interested to protect them against third party damages.
Infinium's monitoring system will be able to effectively
track any damage, either by negligence or conduct of
unauthorized activities, by third parties in the vicinity of the
pipelines/sewage systems.

Autonomous UAV Security
and Video Surveillance System
for Industrial Developments

Designed with security and safety in mind, this
autonomous UAV security system is a must-have for all
large scale commercial developments.


The autonomous UAV does not require security officers to
operate. The aerial vehicle will take-off, fly on a pre-determined
flight path and land autonomously for charging
and take-off again. Security officers can monitor the live
video feed link directly from the security control centre.

This military-grade system can substitute or supplement
on-the-scene security personnels for large-scale
commercial developments and provide reliability, real-time
monitoring of large scale developments and cost-efficiency.


In times of critical emergencies, such as fire, the UAV can
be deployed to the pre-set waypoint and provide real-time
coverage, even before the fire brigade and/or police arrives.
Real-time video link can also be fed to the relevant
emergency departments to provide information on the
severity of the fire hazard.

This information can then be used to decide on the
logistical reinforcements (such as the number of fire
trucks and personnels) to deploy. Already proven to be
strategically effective, this concept can help save millions
of dollars of equipment for your industrial/commercial
development and give your occupants a peace of mind.

Mapping Drones for
3D Earthworks and
Stockpile Report

The traditional approach to land surveying employs the
principle of planimetry, where land volume is calculated by
interpolating and summing up cross sections along an axis
of a profile. Such traditional surveying methods are both
labour and time intensive.

With our close range aerial Unmanned Autonomous
Vehicles photogrammetry method, the turnaround time
needed for measuring earthwork and stockpile surfaces
can be reduced by up to 80%.

Instead of collating simple cross-sections or breaklines
through planimetry, high resolution data collected by our
mapping drones in a dense point network can be further
crunched in powerful GIS (Geographic Information
Systems) and CAD softwares, allowing for extremely
precise volume calculation.

Precision Farming
with Crop Monitoring

Offering you a bird’s eye view of hundreds of acres of your
farm in a single flight, our Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles
are the future to crop scouting. Low-flying drones capture
high resolution aerial images of your fields.

With a single click, these images are then fed to image
processing algorithms, determining the areas of your farm
that need closer attention. With less resources spent on
identifying areas of possible pest infestation and erosion,
you can now devote more time to treating problematic
spots. Increase your crop yield, why harvest less when
you can harvest more?


Here are some of the products and services we had developed.


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Affordable Pay-per-use third party liability insurance

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